Purposeful Input Delivers Favorable Outcome

An Outstanding Business Consulting Firm

Purposeful Input Delivers Favorable Outcome

An Outstanding Business Consulting Firm

Purposeful Input Delivers Favorable Outcome

An Outstanding Business Consulting Firm

The Boundless Group

Who We Are

The Boundless Group is a certified, woman-owned-and-managed company, which embodies a team of professional, skilled, and proficient individuals.

How We Help

At The Boundless Group, our mission statement is – ‘Purposeful input delivers favorable outcome’. In other words, we believe that hard work delivers a great product/service, and that’s what we do. We offer the best solution to your business needs. We have many skills not limited to a boutique consulting firm.

Business Certifications

The Boundless Group

Our Team

Founder – Janine Grant

The desire for solving problems and delivering successful end user products drew Janine to technology. She has built up an eager team of individuals who combine their experience and deliver an end user experience that exceeds expectations. She is passionate about building lasting relationships and believes The Boundless Group does not offer vendor-client relationships, but rather partnerships.

Project Manager

Our project manager is Certified in Project Manager as well as a Professional Scrum Master and has spent over 14 years in Project Management.

Data Analyst

Our data analyst is proficient in the collection, processing, and performance of statistical analyses of data. He can translate numbers and data into plain English to help you and your organization understand how to better make business decisions.

Solutions Architect

With over 20 years’ experience, our Solutions Architect has successfully executed various CRM projects – everything from migration to implementation to customization.

Software Developer

For all those moments where we need a little magic, we have our software developer who designs, tests, and develops software to meet your needs. He is also handy in the recommendation of software upgrades on existing programs and systems.


Project Delivery Consulting

The Boundless Group will bring a unique focus, shaping exactly what your goals are, how you're going to achieve them, what resources you'll need, and how long it will take you to reach that specific goal.

Dynamics 365 Design & Implementation

We will help you navigate through the Dynamics 365 landscape to best suit your business needs. We will customize or enhance business processes as well as supply you with ongoing support and consultation every step of the way.

Technical Content Development

Here at The Boundless Group we will develop content in an easily digestible product that can be used intuitively by end users. We will also manage, update, and revise any existing content.