xRM – The Evolution Of CRM

CRM has evolved, to a world where relationship management is the focus, and the business leverages the data from that relationship for the promotion of more engagement leading to revenue growth. CRM software solutions have advanced to offer features and add-ons to give your business the tools it needs to go beyond customer relationship management, solve problems and ultimately advance. The secret sauce of each CRM system is different there is no one system that is the same even though the sales process has and will never change.

CRM platforms have evolved into powerful solutions that offer the tools your business needs to capture and manage the secret sauce. Below are a few examples of the evolution of this platform:

  • Access to analytics and valuable data
  • Increased productivity through automation
  • Integrated disparate systems
  • Central location for all information and correspondence

The xRM solution and features apply equally to the management of any relationship, whether it be the company and customer, the student and school, member and business relationship, basically from anyone to anything. An xRM solution can also manage employees, assets, suppliers, partners and knowledge bases. If used correctly, xRM will deliver significant benefits, universally organizing all aspects of your business.

Only a few software applications will evolve as leaders in xRM, and Dynamics 365 is one of those. Dynamics 365 is a development platform with the functionality for Sales, Service, Marketing and Analytics. It’s a platform that allows the business to manage their secret sauce. The business is able to configure the application to its own specific needs and is not focused on a few specific departments.

Take a look at your CRM platform. See if it is easy to use, speedy and offers workflows that make sense. Does it fall short in sales, marketing or customer service? Is it easy to use alongside any other application your business might have? If you are unsure, we here at the boundless group can help. We are professional xRM consultants that have the power and knowledge to build out your CRM solution to be exactly what your business needs to succeed and fill the white space.

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